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"First impression is last impression." This is a quote old, which is absolutely true and right by those who have the responsibility to take the best of the lot to a task thought. Whenever an advertisement for an open position given in the paper, pour-in applications is the task groups and recruitment officer for the company the perfect person for this position select.

I'm sure all procedures for these interviews, white. First, the application by sending a copy of personal data where personal data is restricted in order to a series of tests and interviews is inevitable. Biodata format contains specific rules and guidelines must be strictly adhered to make a biometric standard.

Known personal data, including CV, is a little perspective in life a person is printed on several sheets of paper. Personal data is the ticket for a person in society, so that the structure and format is very important. A biometric is systematic in the eye and lead to new opportunities while making biodata randomly lose the chance, even if it belongs to the perfect person. The following is a format biodata and resume writing tips.

Biodata Format


Communication Address:

Phone / Mobile:

Career Objective
(Mention of a generalized career goal in no more than 2-3 lines)


Institute Name
Board / University
Percentage / Grade
Completion year

Work Experience (If not a fresher)

Job responsibility
Number of years

Projects (Freshers / experienced candidates can specify which projects from their former employment)

Project name
Tools used
Description coming soon

Extracurricular activities and achievements
(All extra-curricular activities, which can provide evidence, you will find here are referred to in points.)

About yourself
(While working in groups or individually, 2-3 lines about your professional skills such as team-builder, initiator, leader, etc.)

Other career skills (optional)
(If you know a computer language or any other professional knowledge in your area)

Personal Information

Father's name:
Mother's name:
Hobbies / interests:
Marital status:
Known languages:

The format above may vary slightly from person to person. However, there are a few tips to help can make data presentable staff. Keep font size 12-14 and still have a font that is clear. Select sub-categories, by bold or underlined. Enter balls as mentioned points. Leave enough space whenever necessary (Keep extra space to make personal data length). Keep accurate descriptions, so it can be detected easily, even if the person is just a short biographical data. Do not boast about themselves and not take any gaps, suggesting that it may lack confidence.

In general, some companies may have their own format in which personal data must be provided. The above is a common format that can be used if the data format is unknown or company identity can not be specified. So it is always better to ask about these details before applying. Write a personal data does not require high skills in creative writing, but if you write you still do not think you can always use the services of a professional resume writer. Happy job hunting!


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