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Companies spend a lot of money attracting new customers through marketing, promotion, advertising, etc., but over the years numerous studies have shown that when you add new clients is absolutely necessary, existing customers, which is largely determine the success or failure of a company. Under TAC, organizations today give a lot of effort in an interactive relationship with existing customers, as this not only helps keep repeat sales, but also spread positive word of mouth marketing. To do justice to its customers, each organization has a customer service. Employees at a call center by a customer service manager, usually known as a team leader out. Let's take a quick look at educational requirements and job description for a Manager of Customer Service.

Educational requirements and obligations

Most customer-service managers, have either a bachelor's degree or post-degree in art or science. Excellent command of English, ability to motivate others, and effective leadership qualities, some of the qualities that employers look forward to during recruiting someone for this position. In addition to these requirements is the ability to remain calm in difficult situations is an important attribute that must have customer service manager. It should also be able to find a middle way in a situation, there are times when client needs are obvious.

The role of a customer service manager depends to a large extent on the field in which he is employed. Customer Service Manager to lead a team in a call center, retail, bank, restaurant, etc. In a call center, customer service manager needs to lead a team of customer service executives who are to assist customers by phone. All other areas usually involve face-to-face interaction with customers. In addition to being effective for guiding his team to a Customer Service Manager also acts as a point of contact for customers who want to pass on feedback from more-ups in the organization. A customer service manager will take into account customer preferences and help the company in accordance with its production planning and marketing strategy.

Customer Service Manager Resume sentences

Steve Martin
Home phone number:
E-mail ID:

A career in customer service position as a Customer Service Manager, with my experience and skills to add value to a customer-focused team.

Professional experience

Customer Service Manager
ABC Technologies, Paterson, New Jersey, 20XX - Present

Managing a team of support staff fifteen years, providing technical assistance for mobile phone users.
Make sure the customer is established in the first call alone.
Schedule and dispatch technicians callback when the problem is not fixed in the call center.
Under escalating calls where the customer is not satisfied after talking with customer service representative.
Conducting meetings team briefings to motivate employees, the best of their abilities and seek to fulfill in their areas of interest.
Talk about areas for improvement and challenges that managers face when making calls.
Annual assessments, care team members for the next stage in their careers.
Helped team to achieve 100% customer satisfaction in a month, with an average of 98% satisfaction during my tenure.
Awarded "Team Leader of the Quarter" in June 20XX.
Selected for training and support for newly appointed manager of customer service in 20XX.
Nominated for "Team Spirit Award" in January 20XX.
Salute to Excellence Award, 20XX.
Education and training

Bachelor of Business Administration, Business Administration
University of XYZ, 20XX

Customer Service Manager Certificate, 20XX
International Customer Service Association, 20XX

Hobbies and Interests

Personal interests include hiking, mountain biking and playing basketball. Follow love reading thriller and action movies. Were actively involved with sympathy, a non-governmental organization that looks after the education of poor children.


Scott Lawrence
Operations Manager
EFG Sales Corporation

This was a customer service resume sample. You can change the information according to your suitability. Hopefully this article helps you with some information about the role of job a Customer Service Manager. We wish you luck.


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