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CV plays a very important job search, how you develop your resume, gives a big impact on your chances of getting adjusted. CV is a document that will be carried out should be mandatory in every interview. I should not say that a resume should be written very quickly, and should not include unnecessary details. It contains important details such as candidates - contact details, educational qualifications, skills, and most important career goal.

This article is the subject of our discussion of the career of a medical receptionist. The work area of ​​a medical clinic is a private reception by any physician, was an eye doctor or a gynecologist. A medical reception is also working with large hospital chains. It is the duty of care delivery to the minutes of meetings, and deal with incoming patients to maintain. A receptionist was excellent leadership and communication skills. A receptionist position is a very responsible position and requires patience and total commitment from the person concerned. In emergencies, the reception is also expected that the implementation of health workers under medical supervision. Reliability and a pleasant personality are two qualities that a receptionist should have.

In this article we will discuss medical receptionist who want to sample again with original and cover letter. Regarding medical receptionist target is hit again, it should remain simple, but should also be easy to remember.

Medical Receptionist resume template

(Your Name)
(Full address)
(Phone Number)


Under Target your goal is to apply for jobs, and a basic introduction from you.


Mention your skills in this section.


Professional experience should be listed under this sub-head. Together with the name of the employer, you can mention something about your job duties in this section.


Details of basic education should be listed in this section.


If the reference managers must state the name of the person.

Medical receptionist resume sample

The template, you need to start from the idea of ​​formatting. Now we want confusion over the use of words in each section clearly. The example below should help in a big writing clear sentences.

Cecelia Cook
321 street, road
No. of cells: 000-0000-11
Id: cook.cecelia @


To use my skills and experience as a receptionist in an organization that offers professional growth work environment.

SKILLSConfident, hardworking and willing to work in a team.
Good time management and people skills.
Excellent communication skills and knowledge of the six global accounting languages.Knowledge concepts and accounting.
The ability to manage computers and knowledge of various software Total medical operation.WORK

He worked as a receptionist at St. year.Booked Hospitals Inc. for appointments, visits and calls incoming patients treated.
Manage patient records and old records created for new patients
He wrote a history of the patient under medical referral letters for patients guidance.Wrote was fired.
Prepared statement for the patient and reviewed all account data.
Laboratory maintain records of all patients, and to change the plan once the patient no.
B. Sc (Bachelor of Science) - Arizona State University (2010).
New girls to school in Arizona, Arizona.
REFERENCEMr. Gordon Gates, Principal, New Arizona School Girls.

Medical Receptionist Resume Cover Letter

If the mail or e-mail your resume to recruiter should send a letter to him. The letter does not provide details, which gives a CV, but it is written very shortly. When written correctly, it plays an important role in a person hired. This is because the letter that the recruiter is the first run through. Sample letter below would help a great cause.

Cecelia Cook
321 street, road
No. of cells: 000-0000-11
Id: cook.cecelia @


Mr. Jonathan Rice
Hiring Manager
St. Vincent Hospital
Parkway Road

Subject: Application for the post of receptionist.

Dear Jonathan Rice

I am writing this letter in response to your ad site job portal (site name), published on (date), the medical receptionist position. I think this job as an opportunity to take my career to the next level.

I am a hard worker, working values. We also required amount of experience in this area. Due to personal reasons had to leave my previous job as a medical reception. I like dealing with patients and to meet new people and feel fortunate to be a small part of human medicine.

If given the opportunity I do all my work hard, justice in this post. I mentioned my address at the top of the letter, if you are looking for correspondence. This letter is a copy of my CV for more details. Thank you.


(Cecelia Cook)

So that was all the details to create a resume for a medical receptionist. I hope these two samples of cover letter and resume have been useful for you. In addition, there are many other properties that determine success in the interview, a medical receptionist. A pleasant personality and confidence is equally important. All the best!


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