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First impressions count a lot. Indeed, in the business world can often make or break a business. This is probably one of the reasons most companies, whether large or small, always bring a lot of thinking before you hire someone for the post of receptionist. After all, if someone goes through the main door of your company is first to meet the receptionist. A person who is polite is polite and good communication skills is an asset to any organization with a reception, it is even more important.

If you are ever hired as a receptionist seeking, it is important to understand what are the fees for a reception. To participate in calls from customers and visitors to ensure that everyone receives messages intended for her job can be hectic and often stressful. Other than these tasks a receptionist is often responsible for organizational tasks. Create a resume for a receptionist is not very different from creating a resume for each job several different dates. It is important that you have a deep understanding of roles and responsibilities should be allocated. If you already have experience in this field, then this will be a difficult task, but for beginners it can be a good idea to contact someone with some experience. Alternatively, you can test again a receptionist to help you refer is the format. In this article we provide a sample resume receptionist.

Receptionist Resume Example

With any resume, you always start with basic information about themselves. This would include the name and contact details. It also must include goals and objectives for themselves. It is expected, a summary of qualifications and an overview of the qualities that you prepare a viable candidate for this post. If you have work experience, are details that will follow. It is important to understand that a salary of reception is often depends on how much experience you have. As you design a resume, it might be a good idea to get a list of skills that you do for work and then resume the project accordingly.

Alyona Quinn
12 Elm Street
Wind Clover, New Jersey - 545 434
Home: (986) 954-5947
Cell: (446) 576-8758

To work as a receptionist for an organization that can turn my experience and knowledge to use, having regard to responsibility, challenge and push myself to get better.

Summary of qualifications
Qualified to provide secretarial support and experience in the role of receptionist.
Experience in dealing with teams that need high-quality and need excellent secretary.
Have experience in dealing with tasks such as typing letters, preparing reports and transcribe documents show that sorting and organizing files.
Good observation skills and objective analysis. Teamwork, good decision making skills, effective communication skills and good verbal skills.
Proficiency in various programs and requires extensive knowledge of word processing programs.
Ability to work under pressure and meet relevant deadlines in advance of the curve.
Professional experience

2009 to present
Orbett telecommunications, New Jersey
Receive phone calls, sending messages, transferring calls, making the scale of the activity at hand and the urgency of business.
Receptionist at the reception and is responsible to answer simple questions from customers and clients. Initiated jointly responsible for understanding the nature of business and take clients to officials concerned.
The data entry and organizing files.
Provision of maintenance support team need to manage and repair of office equipment.
Educational Qualification

B.A. English Literature
NYU, 2006

JFK High School, New Jersey
High School Diploma, 2003

For fresh in the industry, there can be no mention of professional experience and therefore it is important that your qualifications summary sections are well written and impressive. It can also be a good idea to have all the details of part-time jobs that have maintained or even details of the internships are extended. When preparing a resume for a receptionist, it may be a good idea, basically, to keep a receptionist again to sample as a reference. You can also attach a good idea to include a letter with your resume before it's done. Hopefully this article helped you understand how your resume should be seized by a receptionist.


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