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Housekeeping staff is typically used by hotels and hospitals for the care and cleaning of rooms have either. Such professionals can also be used in a household. All tasks such as dusting, vacuuming, changing linens, household materials and ordering the bottom removed and the entire organization to come under the responsibility of a housekeeper. It is important that a household is physically fit to perform these tasks for several hours. This is generally a housekeeper job description and duties may vary depending on the domestic setting is working in. In any case, be different cleaning service for a job that offers growth over time and better chance you need is a good demand convincing resume to your potential employer that you are perfect for the job. Here we provide a sample household and make sure you write one on your experience and skill. Take a look.

Writing a resume domestic

The beginning of your resume is to explain, given your skills as a housekeeper. CV as a housekeeper, a detailed description of tasks and responsibilities in your job. However, this should be no unnecessary details and details. Finally, we should mention briefly the details of your education. If you have any relevant certification, make sure it mentions education. Ideally, your resume will not be very long. There are specific requirements that prospective employer seeks in employees. Here's a look at the sample, so that you get a better understanding of what is recorded on a maid again.

Example of a housekeeper cv
Your Name Your Number Your contact • • Your e-mail
OBJECTIVETo use my years of experience in housekeeping to improve and maintain cleanliness, and customer relationships in an organization I work for.

Executive Housekeeper SUMMARY skills at age 5 years experience, know-how in the following areas: full knowledge of equipment used in household cleaning
Ability to work effectively without supervision
Detail oriented individual with a passion for cleanliness and organization
The management team of excellent play and skills
Can easily fast paced multitasking environments
PROFESSIONAL Maple Leaf experience at a hotel
Executive Housekeeper, 2007 PresentResponsible training and monitoring of the entire household
Training employees to have access to new positions of responsibility and
Relations with customers to resolve complaints about the budget and accordingly all aspects
Maintaining a household, were all issues addressed in the Department
Review of the week two maids to ensure that all tasks were performed, conducted with maximum efficiency and therefore customer satisfaction in mind at all times
Western Beach Resort
Housekeeping assistant, 2006-07Managed daily work cleaning rooms cleaning standards
Commands stock purchase supplies and prepare for necessary housekeeping
Performed daily housekeeping inspections to ensure all standards of cleanliness have been met
Education CERTIFICATIONABC University, Austin, Texas
Associate in Hospitality Management

References and receipts available on request

We hope this resource help you to create your own CV. As already mentioned, this example can be changed to reflect the personal abilities and skills are extensive. Even if you are new to the area and have no experience, the qualities they possess that you expect to focus too perfect for the job. This can also work, hard to give a passion for cleanliness, commitment to the highest quality customer service, and the like. Remember all voluntary or practical experience, they recognize in the past had CV is an extra incentive. All these factors are contained in your CV that is perfect and will definitely help you to work. Good luck!


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