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A flight attendant resume is unlike any other resume writing, as main components remain the same. Presentation format of your resume (CV) remains the same for each type of application. Regarding CV goes for a flight attendant, are just some things that are CVs of other jobs. The content of a flight attendant before you format your resume and a sample may be that you refer to, so you can own your own CV.

Air Hostess Resume Template

The format given here may be directed to prepare a personal resume. Each section has a better idea of ​​what might be included or to explain.

Air Hostess Resume Template

Contact / personal details: first entry and the most important resume flight attendant is the applicant's personal contact details. This should be by email, phone numbers and e-mail.

Here you have the option to experiment with the letter of the name or in the middle of the page at the top, keeping it in bold face or keep it simple and write it on the left side as a regular letter writing.

Besides the things above a flight attendant resume should include physical statistics in terms of size, color weight, etc. preferred vision as attendant medical requirements are more stringent. Mention of visibility, if fit criteria is a good idea.

Objective: Second in line is the target or subject of an application for employment with your career purpose. This section gives you the option of sincerity and passion for the work to portray. So if the short and simple, this section can be transformed into an eye-catcher.

Experience: This section of the flight attendant resume format has details of work experience, like the time you have with certain airlines or worked alike. Now the current trend is to follow the format reverse order to get your work experience.

This means the most recent was last details of your employment come first, and then followed by subsequent reverse order. They should mention how long you have been brought in connection with the mentioned companies, which shoulders all your responsibilities if you win something.

Education: As the name suggests, this section of the resume flight attendant should have details of your education. Stressing more relevant courses you have done and outstanding performance, if at all.

Known languages: This section would be useful to know if you need more than two languages, as flight attendant jobs interact with people who speak different languages.

Additional Activities: This is an optional section on your resume will be given. When you add in something that reveals or, more to the point that you are likely to offer an advantage over the rest of the candidates concerned to state. For example, an active member of trainers rescue or CPR training, etc. This could be host to wage a factor.

Air hostess resume sample

The sample is placed here as a guide to help you prepare to resume their act.

Air hostess resume sample
The couple Earnest
13 Elm Street, Peter Street,
Washington, USA.
Contact No - 4041 82 007
torque.earnest @
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 110 lbs
Vision: 20/20
Skin: Fair

Objective: Employment in a reputable organization such as finding your growth in my career and use my leadership skills and results-oriented in order to reach great heights.

Experience: 2007 - Present
Flight attendant from Washington Airways
Work assigned to carry out and 1
Work allocated and have two
The work assigned and performed three
Work allocated and the implementation in April
The work assigned to 5
2004 - 2007Cabin Department, Washington DC International Airlines
Work assigned to carry out and 1
Work allocated and have two
The work assigned and performed three
Work allocated and the implementation in April
The work assigned to 5
Known languages:
Language 1
Language 2
Language 3
Language 4

I hope this article gave tips for writing a resume and sample stewardess format as described above. All the best!


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