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A dance teacher resume is not a big deal, because to write similar to any resume, as far as the format is. Look at the format of dance teachers and a sample resume template in the following paragraphs.

Dance Instructor Resume Format

The format for developing a new dance teacher from below have no fixed rule. It's like each other again, but with small changes, like what we found for an artist. For example, "qualifications" section. Everything else remains the same.

Dance Instructor Resume Format

Name & Contact: This section of the resume dance teacher name and contact details must be mailing address, e-mail addresses and phone numbers are.

Objective: This is a formal introduction of what you expect from society and what is your motivation for applying in the workplace. This point is the following back dance teacher sample below will be deleted. However, it is advisable to study a bit about the company or institution, so you can add a few words of praise. This will not only show a positive approach to the organization, but shows the level of interest and enthusiasm.

Qualifications: This section is intended for your presentation skills personal details other than formal education and training or work experience. Name, for example, if trained in a special dance. Mention strong and positive points about the job description. For example, if you have multilingual capabilities, can be mentioned in this section if you are an international organization or an institution where many foreign students apply.

Professional Background: This section of the CV is a professor of dance professional work experience that you had previously intended. There should be a simple yet detailed analysis above, as we shall see in the following example. But more importantly, what is important to note is the sequence of it. The order of mentioning the details should be reverse chronological order. This means that you should present your work experience are first mentioned.

History of education: education specializing in topics considered relevant are presented here for jobs for you, and others.

Additional Activities: This section of the dance teacher again, can be very profitable if they are active or otherwise engaged in a little more. For example, if you do some classes, or as a guest lecturer, etc. are mentioned

Personal Data: This part of the dance teacher resume should the languages ​​known to you, date of birth, etc.

Reference: This section is available on request and would like to mention that the same thing.

Dance instructor Resume Example

Now you know how to write a resume for a teacher of dance above template format, you can easily keep one for much the same way. But to further illustrate an example of a dance teacher back down.

Dance instructor Resume Example
Percy Blackeney
Collection Couple Society
52 Belinda Street
percy.blackeney @
Mobile phone number - 12345 67890

ObjectiveTo be able to teach, earn and share the knowledge I acquired over the years, especially for foreign students because it helps me to improvise my dance skills and exposure to different forms.

Qualifications have been certified in the following forms of dance graduate called excellent.
Hip Hop
Were fluent in foreign languages, French, Spanish and Russian than English.

Awarded Certificate in Advertising and Public Relations.

Were a reality show judge in New York City go to school and students.

Professional Dance Academy HistoryNew York (2002 - 2005)
Dance Instructor
Job Profile: was responsible for and successfully completed the following.
Was secretary of the Institute last year.
Formation of children aged 5 to 10 in the form of dance, Salsa and Jive.
This site program schedule for different students in the academy.
Crazy feet dance school (2000 - 2002)
Assistant choreographer
Job Profile: Working in the fundraising section of the company and held a variety of dance programs for different purposes and topics. Managed public relations and advertising section. My tasks were:
Programs planned for children and adults, all beginners.
Drafted press releases for each program organized by the company.
He was part of the advertising team.
Educational History
Master of Fine Arts (Dance), 1999
Bachelor of Arts (Literature), 1995
Additional Activities
Life member of the Association dancer, New York.
To actively participate in various seminars twice a year in Washington.
Prepare young people for dance competitions / shows.
A columnist for an online forum.
Personal Information
Birthday: November 18 19xx
Type of Employment Preferred: Full Time
Known languages: English, French, Spanish and Russian
Reference: on request.

So that was how to write a resume dance teacher. I hope that helps you in your future efforts as a choreographer and you can be successful all the way through.


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