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The purpose of a safety officer is a difficult question. He is responsible for asset protection, land and even lives. He must be alert and responsible, and even they must know what they do in certain situations such as a break-in, or in case of fire or terrorist attacks. You can learn more about the job description security guard, who is safe is to help you. Job security is very risky. If people commit a person as a security officer to check a few things made this test and not by words or just looking at the building and person, but look at the security officers to continue. This is that your resume will give when applying for this post speaks a lot about you. It is therefore important to know how to write a resume for a job as security guard. All this information you when you read on. Also, given the security officer is a sample resume.

Security Officer Resume Writing Stages

When writing security guard again, there are certain things you need to keep in mind. CV should be such as to communicate successfully with your employer about your skills and experience. Go through the steps below and you will learn a lot about writing your resume.

Name and contact details
The first thing to mention, of course, your name and contact information such as address (both permanent and temporary), telephone number (s), and even your e-mail ID. All this must be given so that employers know who you are and you can also, if necessary. If you prefer, you can also place own picture with your resume.

Usually, the next thing we write in CV, while demand for other tasks, our education system, or our skills. But here's the next thing you need to write to you, what your goals as a security guard. It must be clear about the objectives, otherwise it might confuse the employer.

Skills and experience
Move security guard, you must have your skills that are related to the profession to be mentioned. You need to have different areas that you have experience in talking to, where you worked before, which are different certifications and awards that you won. You must have also, your qualifications, such as if you know how to write to handle a gun if you know how to save a life, etc.

Then talk about all the educational qualifications, as, what their specialties, what they studied in college. To mention, if you have construction or correspondence course designed especially for this profession. Do not forget to mention, the certificates they have received.

Other background information
Security officials said the next again other skills you like different languages, you know, your hobbies, your interests, etc. Now that know how to write CV, we now turn to a security guard again and sample size.

Security Officer Resume Template

Name of applicant
Contact Details
Objective: to mention here, what are your goals as a security guard.

Skills: Mention all the skills you have that will fit a security officer.

Experience: List the places where they previously worked as a security officer. Look not to mention if you are currently working.

Educational qualification: In this section, you must talk about your training and if you have special courses.

Awards and Certificates: Write about all the awards you've received so far for your job security, or delivery in your area.

Other skills and hobbies: Talk about your hobbies and interests of others.


Let us now some security guard resume examples, and that will give you an idea how to go about writing a resume.

Captain Haddock
26 Labrador Street
Washington D.C. 2345
Ph: (444) 44 333
Objective: A security officer with 5 years experience looking for a job as a senior security officer at a bank.

In response to sudden alarms
The investigation of certain incidents
Document review and preparation of reports

Work experience:
Anderson worked as a lifeguard in the pool for one year (2001-2002)
He was the bodyguard of Tintin for 2 years (2002-2004)
Currently working as a security guard at Hogwarts (2004-current)

Educational Qualifications: My master made crimes trials at the University of XYZ in 2000.

Additional Skills: Languages ​​Known - English, German, French and Urdu.

Date: November 12, 2006

Now you know how to write a resume security guard. Simply follow the steps above and be honest about what you write. I'm sure with a resume like this, you are obliged to inform the job you wish to receive.


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